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Help using the report card

Getting started

Initially, you will see two tabs labeled Search and Map.
Two tabs: Search and Map

When you request a search, a third tab labeled List will open.
Three tabs: Search, Map, and List

And when you click on a facility name, a new tab will open showing the facility name. Up to eight facility tabs can be open at one time.
Four tabs: Search, Map, List, and Parkview Home


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Frequently asked questions

The Minnesota Nursing Home Report Card includes information about all nursing homes in the state certified to participate in the Medical Assistance (MA) payment program. This document answers questions you may have about the report card.

Nursing Home Report Card Fact Sheet (PDF)

Technical guide

This guide defines the Report Card quality measures and describes how they are scored. It also provides statewide results.

Nursing Home Report Card Technical User Guide (PDF)

Additional resources

Federal Nursing Home Compare

State of Minnesota


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